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In this trip you are picked up from a specific location near by, by bus (usually about 9:00-10:00) and they take you to Heraklion in Knossos.

Other ways to go there:
You can also drive there by car or bike (30km) and pay the entrance fee by your own, if you dont like to take the excursion package but still want to see Knossos.

To get there by the city bus you first need to take the bus(green) that goes to Heraklion main bus station, then you need to take the city bus(blue) that goes to Knossos, or get a TAXI from that bus station and tell them to take you there. Dont take a TAXI from Hersonissos and ask them to go to Knossos, its too far for them and you will pay too much.

More about Knossos:
Knossos is the ancient capital of Crete in the Minoan civilization, one of the first civilizations, it appeared between 3,000BC and 1400BC.

Wikipedia: Knossos

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