Preveli monastery and palm beach

Category: around Crete

Preveli is located in the south Crete and is a long distance to drive there. It will pay you off the fact that while driving there you will enjoy the natural side of Crete and once you get there you will have a closer look to how paradise would look like. A huge sandy beach with a river full of palm trees in the background. You can see it in youtube here and here

Its a little long trip but its a good place to go to relax far away from the cities in a fantastic beach. If you also visit the monastery that is near by, there is also a museum in the monastery. There are the following collections of the Preveli Monastery Collection of icons. Collection of ecclesiastical garments, collection of ecclesiastical vessels and collection of heirlooms.

You should go there by car and start very early from Hersonissos because the trip is long maybe 3 hours drive, then stay there for a while, there are 1-2 taverns a super market and a small hotel very near the beach.

Wikipedia: Preveli

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