Cretan night

Category: around Crete

Discover the real Crete by spending an evening full of Cretan dishes, wine, music and dance. Try dancing and party like if you were from Crete. There are different "Cretan night" excursion tickets sold around the town, they are located in different villages and are organized by different people. One of them is near village "Anopolis" and the other is in village "Karouzanos". Wherever you go, you will have a taste of Crete for sure. You can watch videos in youtube from Karouzanos and Anopolis Cretan nights.

There will be live traditional Cretan music with the Cretan instrument Lyra and also dancers dressed traditionally will show you our dances and spirit. Our diet is famous around the world for supporting a healthy and long life and you will have the chance to try some of Cretan dishes there. Wine in Crete is a part of our tradition along with the olive oil, there you will have unlimited ammounts of wine to drink.

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