Snorkeling adventures

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011

The sea around Hersonissos is full of fish, a big variety of multicolored fish and sea life waiting for you to explore. Octapus, shrimps, intresting shells. For the advanced diver and an amateur kid, in Hersonissos shores you will never get bored. Your kids will love exploring the sea, you can find a secured place for them to dive in, surrounded by rocks.

 You will not have to spend too much to do this and you are not depended on any guide to be over your head.

You can also get a speargun and go fishing in the deep waters, if you know what you are doing and like adventure.

If you are just a lover of nature and want to take your snorkeling experiences with you, you can buy a (one use) waterproof camera from a super market and take wonderful underwater pictures that will have a special place in your albums.

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