Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hersonissos main street is full of shops. Souvenirs, clothes, shoes, leather shops, jewelry shops, accessories, pharmacies, travel agencies for excursions, fast foods, cafes, restaurants and super markets. You can find everything you need on this street.
The beach road (no beach to swim there) is the road that goes from the main street to the port and all the nightlife is there. Bars clubs cafes and restaurants mostly.

Super markets: If you plan to buy alot of groceries for your holidays, the best and cheapest super market on this street is the 2 floor Spar - Halkiadakis. If you dont want to buy many groceries or if you dont really care about the prices that might be a little bit more expensive than "Spar" the nearest super market to our hotel is across the street "Ergina" super market, the next one is 30 meters away "Discount bazaar" and there is also "Mana" super market that has almost the same prices with "Spar" but its much closer and also bigger than the other 2, nearest ones.

Cafe bars/Nightlife: Across the street there is "Mylos bar" where you can enjoy all kinds of coffee, good ice cream, juice, coctails, with very good prices and quality. For more there is the beach road, the road that goes from the main street to the port of Hersonissos. This road is full of bars and clubs that are also open in the daytime as cafes with tarraces next to the sea. All the nightlife of Hersonissos is at this part of the town, the beach road. In the night the shops in the main street are closed and its quiet but not the same happens there. Be very careful and you dont have to drink all the "free shots" you are offered, a good idea is to drink something that is served in a bottle.

What to eat: Try the greek cuisine you have the oppurtunity to do it everyday because you are here. But you should also try our greek favorite "fast food" that is called "pita gyros". There are many fast foods that only sell pita gyros and souvlaki. Peach pit is the nearest to our hotel maybe 150 meters away at the other side of the road. There are 3-4 in the main road. Try 1 "pita gyros". There are good reastarants in the road to the port too. You can eat by the sea and have a great evening there. Try octapus, shrimps, musaka or just a pizza, you can find different kinds of restaurants all around.

Souvenirs: Have a walk at the main street to look at the shops, you will find many intresting things here.

You are in a town that almost everything is closed in the winter and is open again in the summer for the tourists.

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