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Matala is located 100km from Hersonissos in south Crete. It is a very famous destination for tourists from around the world, mostly because hippies used to travel there and live in the caves in 1960s. Matala is a small touristic village with tavernas, cafes and a nice beach where the caves are located on the side of the beach.

For the history, those caves were created in Neolithic era, (about 10.000 BC - 4.000 BC) and are a part of the history of our island. They are not just some "hippie caves".

The best way to go there is by rental car so you can enjoy the drive also. If the days of your vacation are not too many and you have to choose Matala or another destination, you must know that you will not see something special in Matala, if you live in Anna hotel, Hersonissos, then you are already in a bigger, nicer and more famous touristic town with more beaches and i dont understand the reason for someone to go there, its only the caves. If you choose to visit Matala, here is some help from Google Maps

Wikipedia, Matala
Google maps

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