Scuba diving

Last Updated on Friday, 24 May 2013

If you like the adventure of scuba diving and want to explore the underwater sea life of Crete you can go to SCUBACRETA a diving team based in Nana beach. They are professionals that will share with you all the necessary equipment, their boats and their knowledge for your safety. They have plans for all diver levels, from shallow to deep, in 24 carefully selected diving sites, including a boat wreck, a plane wreck, caves under the sea and many more.

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Last Updated on Wednesday, 22 May 2013

Hersonissos main street is full of shops. Souvenirs, clothes, shoes, leather shops, jewelry shops, accessories, pharmacies, travel agencies for excursions, fast foods, cafes, restaurants and super markets. You can find everything you need on this street.
The beach road (no beach to swim there) is the road that goes from the main street to the port and all the nightlife is there. Bars clubs cafes and restaurants mostly.

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Last Updated on Saturday, 03 September 2011

Koutouloufari is a village near Hersonissos up on the mountain, 1.5 km from Hersonissos. The traditional style is retained with alot of small stone build houses still functioning. There are many tavernas and restaurants and you would enjoy an evening meal with a bottle of wine.

Snorkeling adventures

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011

The sea around Hersonissos is full of fish, a big variety of multicolored fish and sea life waiting for you to explore. Octapus, shrimps, intresting shells. For the advanced diver and an amateur kid, in Hersonissos shores you will never get bored. Your kids will love exploring the sea, you can find a secured place for them to dive in, surrounded by rocks.

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Rent a.. boat!

Last Updated on Friday, 24 May 2013

You can rent a boat in Hersonissos, and experience the freedom of exploring the sea. If you go for a walk down by the port, you will find 2 guys that own the boat rental "Argo". They are helpful and will show you what boats they have available and the prices.

For more information visit their website

Play golf in Crete Golf Club

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011

The Crete Golf Club is a championship course, the only 18-hole golf course on the island of Crete and one of the most impressive courses of the Mediterranean, which holds a unique challenge and a pleasant experience for both golf players and visitors all year round.

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Aquaworld Aquarium

Last Updated on Sunday, 26 May 2013

This is not Cretaquarium - Thalassocosmos. While you spend your vacation in Hersonissos, you cannot miss the aquarium where you will be able to see many kinds of fishes, reptiles, turtles and snakes, you can take photos of them and even with them! This aquarium has smaller tanks than Cretaquarium  you can not compare them and is inside a building behind Spar - Halkiadakis supermarket. You can make a visit here as you go for a walk in the main street of Hersonissos and take pictures of moments that you will never forget. You can take pictures with the reptiles and snakes, just ask the very friendly staff.

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Horse riding

Last Updated on Tuesday, 06 September 2011

Ever wanted to ride a horse? Or get a ride on a horse wagon? Here is your chance! For amateur and advanced riders, this company offers organized rides around Hersonissos. They are located near Star beach and as their website says they charge around 60 euro for a long horse ride that you will enjoy.

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Lychnostatis museum

Last Updated on Sunday, 14 August 2011

The Cretan Open-air Museum 'LYCHNOSTATIS ' aims to promote the understanding and awareness of the Cretan folk cultural heritage.

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Old Hersonissos

Last Updated on Saturday, 03 September 2011

Old Hersonissos is a village near "Limin Hersonisoy" (or just Hersonissos). Its a small village with few small roads and a big square full of taverns with traditional food. One day every week a festival is performed, something like Cretan night, with live music. The small streets driving into the square get blocked and the taverns take over making it a nice festival of Cretan music and food.

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Bunjy jumping

Last Updated on Thursday, 18 August 2011

Only the brave should try the bunjy jumping in Star Beach. Discover your limits and experience the feeling of freedom or scare the death out of you. Jump next to the beach above the sea

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