Gramvousa - Balos

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Gramvousa is located at western edge of Crete about 220km from Hersonissos. This is one of the most beautiful beach in Crete and its good destination that you will not regret visiting.

There are 2 small islands, one of them used to be inhabited by pirates. There are the remains of a Venetian castle above the natural forming harbor. Gramvousa played a serious role in the Cretan revolution against the turks. The way the beach is formed there cannot be translated into words, if you want to know how it looks like you must see the photos or video.

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Matala is located 100km from Hersonissos in south Crete. It is a very famous destination for tourists from around the world, mostly because hippies used to travel there and live in the caves in 1960s. Matala is a small touristic village with tavernas, cafes and a nice beach where the caves are located on the side of the beach.

For the history, those caves were created in Neolithic era, (about 10.000 BC - 4.000 BC) and are a part of the history of our island. They are not just some "hippie caves".

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In this trip you are picked up from a specific location near by, by bus (usually about 9:00-10:00) and they take you to Heraklion in Knossos.

Other ways to go there:
You can also drive there by car or bike (30km) and pay the entrance fee by your own, if you dont like to take the excursion package but still want to see Knossos.

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Cretaquarium - Thalassocosmos

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This is not the Aquaworld Aquarium. This is another much much bigger aquarium that is near Hersonissos and you can go there by car, motorbike, bus or a taxi. In this aquarium you will have a great experience as you walk the dark hallways that form a very big cyrcle and guide you between sharks and other friendly creatures! This is your chance for a unique experience of the Mediterranean sea world. Come face to face with hundreds of species and thousands of living organisms. Cretaquarium is part of the Thalassocosmos complex, the largest research, technology and entertainment center in the Mediterranean.

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Heraklion, city

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Heraklion is the biggest city and capital of the island of Crete. It has everything you could be looking for to buy, large hospitals, universities, cinemas, port and the only airport of Crete is located just outside the city.

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Museums in Crete

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1)Heraklion Archaeological Museum (Heraklion)

One of the most important museums in Greece and a must see in Crete. This museum has the biggest collection of Minoan art from Knossos and other Minoan cities, gold accessories, statues, weapons, pottery, famous findings like "Phaistos Disk" and many more. Visit their site for more information Archaeological Museum. You can see some of the museum findings in this youtube video here. Near by you will also find the Historical museum.

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Samaria forge...walk

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The Samaria National Park has traditionally always opened to the public at the beginning of May. In the last few years it has often been possible to enter the gorge of Samaria in April from the bottom part. This depends of course on the weather and the amount of work needed to restore the path after the winter rains.

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Spinalonga cruise

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Spinalonga is a small island located very near the city of Agios Nikolaos. It was the home for lepers until 1957 and now a traditional touristic attraction for thousands every year. You take a nice cruise with a boat that travels along the Cretan coast, besides seeing Spinalonga you will fish, swim and enjoy a wonderful day spent in the sea. They sell tickets all around Hersonissos but if you go at the port there are several kiosks selling various cruises and you will find it there.

Cretan night

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Discover the real Crete by spending an evening full of Cretan dishes, wine, music and dance. Try dancing and party like if you were from Crete. There are different "Cretan night" excursion tickets sold around the town, they are located in different villages and are organized by different people. One of them is near village "Anopolis" and the other is in village "Karouzanos". Wherever you go, you will have a taste of Crete for sure. You can watch videos in youtube from Karouzanos and Anopolis Cretan nights.

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Preveli monastery and palm beach

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Preveli is located in the south Crete and is a long distance to drive there. It will pay you off the fact that while driving there you will enjoy the natural side of Crete and once you get there you will have a closer look to how paradise would look like. A huge sandy beach with a river full of palm trees in the background. You can see it in youtube here and here

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Chrisi island

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Chrissi Island or Gaidouronisi (donkey island) lies 8 miles south of Ierapetra. The residents of Ierapetra simply call it "the island", as there is a special relationship between them, lost in the depths of time. For six and half  months -from the middle of April to the end of Octomber- there are daily cruises by boats to Chrissi, departing from the port of Ierapetra.

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